Click BUY NOW to own a copy of Frontier The Card Game! Subscribe to our newsletter and receive 10% off of your purchase of Frontier The Card Game!               REVIEWS:Getting Geeky With Gamer Leaf "'s really fun. I really like the artwork...overall I would totally recommend this game." Logan Chops Reviews"...Frontier is a must have for any spaghetti western fan, and a fun card game to have in your collection." Board Game Capital"...we thought Frontier The Card Game was an awesome game and our cowboy hats go off to the brains and art behind the game. You'll thoroughly enjoy playing this game by yourself or with a small group of up to four players." Everything Board Games"I really enjoyed the theme and spirit of Frontier: The Card Game. The game at its core--the resource management needed to take on a variety of encounters to earn Notoriety and Bounty--was light but engaging, making it a good fit for families and lighter gamers." Unfiltered Gamer"101 ways to die in the west...a dueling solitaire game with other players...I like this game...played it countless times..." Opinionated Gamers"...soundly in the arena of a single person dungeon crawl set in a western environment...people looking for this style of game will have a fun time laughing at their fate in the wild west..."