Frontier The Card Game

Do you have what it takes to be the greatest outlaw that ever lived? Grab your supplies and head out into the Old West! Survive the harsh conditions by making important decisions. Prepare to win duels against some of the West's most notable gunslingers by buying, selling and trading supplies. Avoid calamities like dust devils, bounty hunters and droughts. Kill a few critters. Rob a few banks and trains. Earn notorieties, keep supplies, stay alive, and collect Bounties. With a little luck, you'll make YOUR mark on history! Credit: Ellen Warning for her stellar artwork! The game comes with 486 cards that are beautifully illustrated with full color artwork and 1 rulebook. Each online purchase will come with a printable PDF Stamina/Bounty Tracker. Check out what people are saying about Frontier The Card Game! BOARD GAME GEEK REVIEWS BOARD GAME CAPITAL REVIEW                                                   Price is $20.00 and free shipping domestically.         For international buyers, please contact me by email:         For subscribers, email your coupon code from Dream Time Princess Events to and we will send a       PayPal invoice to your email with the 10% discount. Offer valid until January 31, 2019.         



Box Art and Card Types

Yee-haw! Check out the seven card types in the game: Duel, Calamity, Range, Critter, Supply, Store, and Notoriety!

Great Game!

We played this game and it's perfect for family nights. Despite a lot of luck, there is also a lot of strategy. I've had a game where the luck wasn't going in my favor, yet I was still able to win! Very fun game.

Awesome Game!

One of the most creative and fun games I have played in a long time!

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